Dining out this weekend?

The inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department inspected 16 restaurants this week. The good news as we celebrate the holidays, there are no failing grades to report.

As always, I do give you the low score. Remember a failing grade is any score lower than a 70.

Tonight, Thai Smile would probably love to smile a little more after this report but at 86 there are a few problems that inspectors found.

Thai Smile is located on Market Street. There, inspectors found chicken stored at the wrong temperature, raw food was being stored on top of produce, clean utensils were found in standing water (in another words, the water must be moving in and out at all times) and finally food was being stored on the floor and not on shelves..


The high score of the week, and a restaurant can't serve up a better score than this! What about a 100 at the Farmer's Daughter on Hixson Pike. What a great Christmas gift to customers!

Remember any complaints about a restaurant, hotel or motel, day care or a place you work out, call the Hamilton County Health Department at (423) 209-8110 They ask for you to please call weekdays between 8:00am – 4:00pm and talk to someone in the Environmental Health Office.

Enjoy your meal!