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Family Dollar armed robbery leads to mistaken car chase, two suspects still on the run

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ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB) - A Family Dollar store is robbed at gunpoint and the two suspects remain on the loose.

"Two guys entered the family dollar store brandishing very large semi-automatic weapons and robbed the store," said Detective David Scroggins, Rossville Police Dept.

Police responded to the Family Dollar store in Rossville Thursday night on reports of an armed robbery.
A Georgia State Patrol Trooper was nearby and began chasing what he thought was the suspect's vehicle. The trooper tried to pull over a car leaving the Family Dollar parking lot, and that's when a car chase began.

"One of the Georgia State Patrol officers encountered a couple of people behind the store," said Det. Scroggins, "As soon as he encountered those folks they fled the scene."
Georgia State Police chased a car believed to be carrying two suspects of an armed robbery.
The chase went on for miles and caused a scene in the parking lot of an East Ridge church.
Neighbors took cell phone video as the car chase was ending and sent it in to Channel 3.

"All the sirens were going, all of them," said Emily Garmany, "I think every police car had their sirens on, so we knew it was big."
Police realized the two people in the car were not the armed robbery suspects, but they were found with drugs and money in their car.

"I really thought there was going to be a shoot out because they did have their guns drawn," Garmany said, "And they were telling the suspects to get down on the ground, so it was frightening."

The two people were identified as Joshua Jameal Lackey and Saleeta Ellis and were arrested by East Ridge Police.

"That had nothing to do with the robbery here other than they were here when it occurred," Det. Scroggins said, "Of course he didn't know that and they were suspicious behind the building  at 10:30 at night and once they ran he assumed they were likely suspects."
Police have surveillance photos from the family dollar and nearby stores and are still looking for two men, saying they first stole a 2002 maroon Chevy suburban in St Elmo, and then drove it to the Family Dollar.

The suspects are wanted for their involvement in an armed robbery in Rossville and a car theft in Chattanooga.

Any information, call either the Rossville or Chattanooga police.
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