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Huesman's UNH familiarity

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PORTSMOUTH, NH (WRCB) -- Mocs Head Coach Russ Huesman spent 17 years coaching in the Colonial Athletic Association. His defenses have lined up against New Hampshire more times than he can count, but Huesman isn't too sure it will help his Mocs come Friday.

" The biggest thing that I can help with, maybe tell them take a left or a right to get to the stadium. Other than that, what happened at Richmond or William and Mary is going be much of a factor. They're a different team," said Huesman.

Different but yet still the same in many ways. A lot of that is due to offensive genius Chip Kelly,  a U-N-H grad who worked his way up to offensive coordinator before leaving for Oregon and then the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles.  Needless to say, Kelly's offense kept defensive coordinators like Huesman up for many a night.

" So far ahead (of everybody)  it wasn't even close. They were doing things that nobody imagined doing offensively. We'd look at something and be like what's going on here. Gotta try to figure it out, now it's something I see, I say 'we see that all the time.'"
Huesman left the C-A-A in 2009, Chip Kelly left in 2006 but Huesman says his footprint at u-n-h still leaves an indelible mark.

" It was a million formations back then, million motions, very creative, they still are that way," credits Huesman.

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