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Cabbie foils scam

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(WBBH)  A Florida cab driver has proven he's somewhat of a hero, once again. This time he helped stop a scam in progress before the victim lost more than a thousand dollars.

Tuesday started off like any other day for Tony Strong. In his cab, working for SWFL Transportation Group early in the morning, he headed to Lehigh Acres to pick up an 89-year-old client. Early on, he knew something wasn't right.

"She said she wanted to go to Walmart and the bank on the phone, so that's when I knew it was going to be one of those scams when they ask for money." Strong said.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office report, when Strong pulled up to the house, he met the victim's daughter-in-law.

"She let me come into the house and talk to her mother and I told her anytime you have to pay for lottery scams, if it sounds too good, it's not good at all," Strong explained.

It turns out, Tony has dealt with the same type of scam before. It also happened in Lehigh Acres with another elderly woman. He also reported that incident.

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