If you have an iPod Classic laying around, you may be able to cash in!

The iPod Classic is being resold online for up to $1,000 - more than double its original price - on auction sites such as eBay, since being discontinued.

Over 3,000 units have sold since Apple took it off the shelves in October, NBC reports. The original iPod debuted in October of 2001, and sported a 5GB hard drive, not the flash memory current devices, such as smartphones and tablets, use.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, explains the parts of the iPod Classic are not made easily anymore. The company stopped updating the Classic in 2009, and had quit mentioning it, even at iPod-specific events.

The U2 special edition iPods appear to be even more popular. A set of boxed U2 iPods sold for $50,000.