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Convenient and Cost Effective Medical Care

Patient centered medical home

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  Going from doctor's visit to doctor's visit from one location to another is never something a patient enjoys.  That's why Parkridge Medical Center is taking a different approach.

Dr. Shannon McCallie says "The Patient Centered Medical Home was a model designed to improve the quality of health care for patients, but also the cost effectiveness of health care."

With this model the medical staff is able to coordinate the care of each patient, making an individual treatment plan for them that is both convenient and cost effective."

Dr. Shannon McCallie says "By coordinating the patients care, we can reduce recurrent hospitalizations, ER visits, that are both expensive and not ideal for the patient."

Joyce Rogers agrees this program will definitely make a difference for patients.

Joyce Rogers, Patient says "It was a nightmare, trying to get the appointments when I was available and the doctors' offices had something available."

Rogers says this way, everyone is on the same page.

Joyce Rogers, Patient says "This would be a God-send, it would be something to help them monitor their health and stay healthy, which is the main thing."

Dr. McCallie says we will most likely see more of this type of model in the future, because the main thing when it comes to medical care is definitely to keep patients healthy.  

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