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Rhea Co. child abuse suspect faces judge Thursday

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RHEA COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Investigators are calling it a severe case of child abuse case in Rhea County involving a young boy and his babysitter. On top of beating the seven-year-old, the woman is accused of giving the child drugs.

"This was definitely too far," says Rocky Potter, with the Rhea County Sheriff's Office.

Investigator Rocky Potter says he has a strong case against 37-year-old Amy Sneed. She is accused of beating a seven-year-old boy and giving him drugs.

"She is an acquaintance of the family and was babysitting the young boy," says Potter.

Potter says the boy's mother took him to the hospital in October after he told her what Sneed had done to him.

"The mother did take the seven-year-old male to T.C. Thompson. T.C. Thompson, by law, called me," says Potter.

Potter says he was taken back by what he saw.

"Upon my arrival down there, had a seven-year-old boy with what I consider to be severe physical trauma to his genital area. Also what I would consider to be excessive marks obviously from a strap or a hand."

He says they also did blood tests on the child.

"The young boy, he did test positive for some controlled substances," says Potter.

They found at least two types of drugs in his system. Potter says he interviewed the boy at length about what happened.

"He's a very intelligent young boy and gave very clear disclosure of the assault and very clear details for a child his age," says Potter.

He says Amy Sneed turned herself in to authorities.

"Her statement was consistent with the young boy's statement and also consistent with the injuries the young boy did have on his body."

The case was presented to a grand jury December first and Sneed was indicted on three charges of aggravated child abuse and two counts of delivering a controlled substance to a child.

"The severity of his injuries would be, as they say, shocking to the conscious of the average person."

Sneed will be arraigned in Rhea County court Thursday morning. 
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