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Obama visits Nashville talks about immigration

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NASHVILLE, TN (WRCB) - In Nashville Tuesday, President Obama acknowledged a future president could overturn his executive actions on immigration.
The President led an immigration town hall at a community center in Nashville.. The city has seen rapid growth in immigrant residents.

The event comes after his executive orders that could help about five million undocumented immigrants stay in the country legally.
The President spoke on the possibility of his order being reversed.. But said he thinks pressure from the American people would make such a reversal difficult.

President Obama, "I think that the American people basically have a good heart and want to treat people fairly, and every survey shows that if in fact somebody has come out, subjected themselves to a background check, registered, paid their taxes, that the American people support allowing them to stay."

A number of Republicans have criticized the President for the executive order either for the policy itself or its constitutionality.
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