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Woman's campaign seeks prayers for addicts

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Mysterious signs have been popping up around Cleveland lately with a simple message -- "Pray for Paul." It's the work of one local woman who is raising awareness to help people struggling with addiction.

"I want other families to understand they have to love their addicts," said Leesa Hoskins. "We have to love them. We have to pray for them."

Hoskins knows how addiction can consume somebody's life.

"My brother is a drug addict," she said. Her brother, Paul, has been battling a drug addiction for 35 years.

That's what the signs are all about.

"I guess as a family, we were just in denial of what this addiction was doing," said Hoskins.

Dotting different areas of Cleveland, the signs carry a simple message -- to pray. Hoskins said the idea came to her while praying a couple of months ago.

But the prayers aren't limited to Paul. The campaign's Facebook page has over a thousand followers. The page has turned into a support network of sorts for other families dealing with a loved one's addiction.

Hoskins' brother's name is taking on a bigger meaning.

"I asked him the other day, I said 'Paul, are you mad at me?'" Hoskins choked up. "He said, 'No, baby girl. I love you.'"

"That was a glimpse of my brother I grew up with."

Hoskins has faith that the power of prayer will bring about something positive.

"There's hope for change in his life," she said.

To learn more about the PRAY for PAUL campaign, click here.
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