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American flags placed on Veterans Bridge

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga mayor Andy Berke and community members gathered Thursday morning to replace American flags along Veterans Bridge.

The city started the Bridge Flag Initiative last year after an anonymous donor could no longer provide funds to keep replacing them.

The Scenic City now has 30 new flags, each one placed on the Veterans Bridge. The flags represent a local veteran who fought for our country.

For the past decade an anonymous donor paid close to $40,000  to the city's transportation department to help keep the memory of local veterans alive.

When the donor could no longer pay for new flags every 6 months, the Veterans Bridge Flag Initiative started.

For $75, community members took over to honor their loved ones

John Harris attended, receiving a proclamation recognizing his service and a pole number showing where the flag dedicated in his honor will be.

β€œI was a Vietnam war veteran, I was a staff Sergeant,” said John Harris, Vietnam War Veteran.

The Vietnam War Veteran also sponsored a flag he dedicated to a close friend of his Roger Krothers so his nieces could see their uncle's flag on their way to work

β€œHe was badly injured. He walked in front of a machine gun and was badly injured, left having to spend his life in a wheelchair,” said Harris.  
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