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Lower gas prices won't put an end to delivery service fees

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A gallon of gas in Chattanooga is nearly a dollar cheaper than it was six months ago. The Channel 3 Fuel Finder shows the lowest prices in town are now less than $2.40 per gallon.

"Yeah I've noticed it and I love the gas prices coming down," said Donace Dillon of Chattanooga, "I don't know what happened but I'm pretty happy about it."
People are walking away with more money after filling up.

"It's actually helped with Christmas spending as well," said Billy Standifer of Chattanooga, "Thanksgiving travel, likewise."

For some businesses, hiring delivery drivers has become more appealing.      

"When the gas prices are high this job is a deterrent, when the gas prices are low it's an opportunity," said Stephen Hay, managing partner for Dinner Delivered.
Dinner Delivered has 28 drivers and works with nearly 100 local businesses.
One driver, Stephen Pippin, has been working here for about 10 months and sees how gas prices can affect his paycheck.

"For every delivery driver that's going to be, probably top concern," Pippin said, "Because if you're not at least covering gas then you might be taking a loss."
Pippin is responsible for filling up his own tank at work.

"I think I almost completely filled up for about $25, $26 the other day," he said, "Which was crazy."
Each order carries a delivery and service fee.
It's usually about $4.99 per order, but if the customer lives far away, it could be as much as $15 per order.

"Of that delivery fee the driver does get about 70 percent of that," Hays said, "And of course the service relinquishes the other 30 percent."
But even with lower gas prices, customers should get used to seeing that service fee on delivery orders.

"I still think the delivery fee will be there for the driver," Pippin said, "Just for car maintenance too."

AAA estimates gas in Chattanooga costs about eight cents below the state average.   

Statewide gas is going for $2.55 a gallon, but Chattanooga is averaging $2.47.

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