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Food Bank client expresses appreciation for help

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 The Chattanooga Area Food Bank helps 25,000 people every week who are hungry.  One of those is Latonya Yost.  She is now a registered nurse assistant, but she didn't have a job when she first moved to Chattanooga a couple years ago.

She moved here with two of her children to help take care of her sick mother.  Since she wasn't working, all four lived off her mother's income.

"Not trying to be a burden upon her at that time, we were able to come here to the Food Bank and rely on their services," says Yost.

And even now that Latonya is working, she and her kids can still use some help.  Through a United Way program, Latonya receives a food voucher every month.  She takes that voucher to the Food Bank and exchanges it for one of these emergency food boxes.  As part of a recent push to provide Food Bank clients with healthier options, Latonya is also able to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables and meat. This food helps Latonya and her kids make ends meet with times are tough.  "For them to be able to come home and go over to the cabinetry and say 'Momma, do you have a snack until you provide us with a meal?' I can definitely say 'yes'", says Yost

Donations to our annual Share Your Christmas food drive help provide much of the food that goes into those emergency food boxes,  helping ensure thousands around the Tennessee Valley don't go hungry.  Yost explains, "Knowing that whatever donation someone could make in regards to another family having a meal, not going hungry and just being able to provide for their family."

Latonya has made some donations through food drives at her kids' school but she hopes she can one day do more to show her appreciation. "I want to financially be able to donate to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank and show them how much of a blessing they've been to me and my family."

You can help the Chattanooga Area Food Bank provide food every month by bringing a donation to our 30th annual Share Your Christmas food drive this Friday.

We will be at First Tennessee Pavilion in Chattanooga, LifeCare Center's Campbell Campus on Keith Street in Cleveland and at First Baptist Church in Dalton. We'll start at 4:30am and go until 6pm.

And new this year, you can make a donation right now by texting "SYC30" to "41444".
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