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Holiday travel: easy for some, long for others

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"Long, very long, lots of traffic," said Tiffany Munir.

Traffic was as expected on Wednesday, congested and full of brake lights.

"It's been bumper to bumper, the slow pace and then bumper to bumper again,” said Munir.

Munir says they're traveling from Atlanta to get to Nashville.

Normally that drive is only 4 hours, but not on Wednesday; it took them three hours just to get to Chattanooga. So when will they get to the music city?

"We're only half way there, so we're not sure," said Munir.

Others in the area decided to take to the skies.

"It was pretty hectic," said LeAndre Roberson.

Roberson did luck out though, his flight was moved up, before weather delayed it.

"I'm sure there is some sweet potato pie and dressing waiting on me," said Roberson.

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