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Man loses home trying to deep fry turkey

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Charred remains are what's left of a Ringgold home after a fire Tuesday afternoon.

The flames were so big, fire crews had no choice but to let the home on Keith Road burn and focus their attention on saving the houses on either side.

“We did have a couple houses on each side that were exposed to heavy flame, so we made sure the protect those first,” Catoosa County Fire Department Battalion Chief Steven Quinn said.

The homeowner told crews he was trying to deep fry a turkey inside his garage minutes before the fire started.

“When he went to put the turkey in the deep fryer, it slipped knocking the grease and fryer over starting the house fire,” Quinn added.

It's a mistake Quinn has seen before in his 15 years of experience. When using a deep fryer, he reminds folks to place them away from the house and on a surface that won't burn.

“Concrete, gravel, in grass. But make sure there aren't a lot of leaves and make sure the grass is wet because grass will burn as well,” he added.

Quinn also reminds everyone to have a fire extinguisher on hand whether you're using a deep fryer or cooking your turkey the old fashioned way.

“This time of year in general is the leading time of year that we get kitchen fires. Whether it be cooking in the kitchen, using deep fryers or leaving food unattended on the stove,” he said.

 The homeowner and three children inside the home got out with no injuries. The home is considered a complete loss.
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