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A less stressful Thanksgiving is only one phone call away

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Whether you're having someone else clean your clothes or your home, many are looking for ways to cut corners this holiday weekend to make their Thanksgiving less stressful.
But this year, some are going a little less traditional and are putting down their spatulas and letting someone else do all of the work for them.

"I think people are really trying to focus on what Thanksgiving really is about. It's really gathering around the table with your family and friends and whoever it's less about spending the whole day in the kitchen cooking and then a whole day cleaning it up," said Sarah Hooper, Co-Owner of Dish T'Pass.

Hooper says this is the 3rd Thanksgiving they've catered for local families and looking back at last year's numbers, the orders have tripled.

"We definitely have done a lot more business this year," said Hooper. "People want everything from just the turkey, because they're scared of roasting, that really makes some nervous. Others say no, I'm doing the bird, can you just help me fill in a few sides."

They've been prepping for a while for this busy weekend.

"We started cooking about a week or so ago making cornbread so it would be ready for our cornbread dressing," said Hooper.

But no matter how big or small an order is, they'll have it done, even saving a little for themselves.

Hooper says while other stresses may fill their minds, she hopes the food and love shared at the table will help everyone be thankful for what they have.

While many caterers are through with taking orders for Thanksgiving, many of the local maid services in the area will be able to assist in cleaning your home.
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