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Community members gather to take part in Causeway's "One Table "

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  In less than three days, you'll more than likely sit down to a nice Thanksgiving dinner with your family.

Some of your neighbors chose to celebrate Thanksgiving Monday with hundreds of people in downtown Chattanooga.  

The local non-profit Causeway hosted a huge Thanksgiving potluck in the middle of MLK Boulevard.

The event, called "One Table", shut down a portion of the road for an hour and a half so that anyone interested could enjoy a meal together.

Event organizers say coming up with the concept for this event was simple.

James Chapman, event organizer, "We really want to make the city better connected. you know, that's our goal as Causeway. So what better way than just blocking off the street and inviting everybody who lives and works downtown just to come and eat together?"

Causeway provided turkey and dressing for 500 people.  Several local restaurants also took part in providing the feast.

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