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Former UTC All-American Joel Bradford was there when it turned for the better

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 CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Following two seasons where the Mocs won three total football games, former UTC All-American Joel Bradford said the program was hungry. For what, they didn't quite know but Bradford says it became clear when Head Coach Russ Huesman arrived on campus.

"I think it all happened for a reason, Huesman coming in for the first time, new weight room, BJ coming from UT. It all started with Huesman coming in and saying let's get my guys in here, let's red-shirt some guys and start new," said Bradford.

That was Bradford's sophomore season, 2009. From a one win season, the Mocs six games. 

"He told us take things step by step, it was going to be a long process for us to be a championship program. He set milestones here and there. Let's get this win, four games, five games in SoCon. Let's win this home game. He set milestones and we took one by one," said Bradford.

The program continued to grow under Huesman. It reached it's highest point this year, a nine win season, perfect in Southern Conference play, an eight seed in the FCS Playoffs with a first round bye and a home playoff game.

"I think this team has potential to do anything in the playoffs. It's a matter of if they're playing well, if the ball bounces their way. I'm hoping the best for them. I will say this home playoff game, first one, we bring the support and break some records in the crowd," said Bradford.

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