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Chattanooga bounty hunters arrested for home invasion and kidnapping

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Two local bounty hunters have been arrested in Georgia, after police say they broke into a Gwinnett County home, kidnapped a woman, and threatened to shoot the seven children, inside at the time.

Police say Khalil Abdullah of Hixson, and Kevin Roberson of Chattanooga, were apparently looking for a man wanted in Ashland City, Tennessee, for failing to appear on a traffic charge. Police said that man was home at the time; he jumped out of a window when the bail bondsmen arrived and is still at large. 

The two bail agents pointed their guns at the family inside and then handcuffed the man's wife "for harboring a fugitive and obstructing them," according to police.  

The bail bondsmen were charged with first-degree home invasion, kidnapping and false imprisonment.  

Police say it is required that a bondsman notify the local authority before making an arrest, and the two never did.

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