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Calhoun Mayor Charged with Aggravated Burglary and Theft, Out on Bond

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MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - The mayor of Calhoun, Tennessee is out of jail after being indicted on burglary charges, Friday.

Residents in Calhoun and McMinn County tell Channel 3 they are very upset. They say they never expected there would be accusations accusing their mayor of stealing.

"I honestly thought he was a good person and to see that ..that's pretty bad," said resident Ashley Turner.

Mayor John Walker is out on $10,000 bond. Officials say he turned himself into the McMinn County Sheriff's Office Friday afternoon and was released on bond the same day. Last week a Mcminn County Grand Jury decided there was enough evidence to indict him on felony aggravated burglary and theft of more than $1,000 dollars.

"Well it looks pretty bad to me of course it would look pretty bad," said Deborah Ann, Concerned Citizen.

According to the indictment obtained by Channel 3, on September 9Th Mayor Walker entered unlawfully into the home of one of his renters with the intent to commit theft. It goes on to say he took jewelery , a toy box, water sprinkler , vacuum cleaner , other household items and a bicycle.

"He shouldn't have don't that ..that was other people's stuff. I don't think he should be a mayor after all that," said Turner.

Channel 3 tried reaching Mayor Walker for comment but he didn't return our calls. His attorney Jim Logan released this statement:

"Mr. Walker is not guilty of the charges that have been placed against him. He properly followed the law in reference to an eviction notice where the tenants were in violation of the rental agreement."

Logan says Walker gave the tenant an eviction notice to be out by September 10Th and that the mayor only went inside after it appeared they had left.

"it makes us look really bad like we ain't doing our jobs right," said Turner. Everybody should do what they're supposed to do and follow the rules.

A search of McMinn County Property records shows Mayor Walker owns 29 pieces of land with 8 properties having houses or developed buildings on site.

"Disappointing... short and sweet just disappointing," said Ann.

Mayor Walker is scheduled to appear in McMinn County Criminal Court next Monday for his first appearance. His attorney tells Channel 3, he plans to file a motion to dismiss the charges. If the mayor is found guilty of the felony burglary charge, he could lose his position as the mayor of Calhoun.
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