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Woman loses wedding ring while fundraising; asks for someone to return it if found

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - One woman is asking for help in finding her wedding ring. She lost it while fundraising at Sportsman's Warehouse.

"You can still see where it was," said Robin Scott.

An empty feeling is all that Scott has after her wedding band slipped off her finger.

"I guess taking gloves on and off cause it's so cold, I lost my wedding ring of 22 years," said Scott.

She tells Channel 3 she was trying to raise money to buy bullet proof vests for three new police dogs in Chattanooga.

As she tries to be a good Samaritan helping these police dogs, she hopes someone else will do the same and return her missing ring if found.

"I cried all last night because I lost my ring," said Scott. "It just broke my heart because it's a symbol of my husband's love and my love that's passed through everything."

She says it's the only one she's going to get, for now.

"We do so much fundraising and so much of our time goes towards and any extra money that we have goes for the police K-9. So I'm second, the dogs are first," said Scott.

Scott hopes someone will come forward with her ring.

If you'd like to know how you can help or want to know more about the invest in K-9 group, click here.
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