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School board discusses what to do with Ooltewah Elementary proceeds

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Districts across the country are stepping up security inside schools, including right here in Hamilton County.

Last year, the county made $2 million off the prime real estate where the old Ooltewah Elementary School currently stands. Now board members want to use the money to make school campuses safer.

Superintendent Rick Smith tells Channel 3 the same came with an agreement between the County Commission and the school board which is why the district can't spend the money just yet.

“These are dollars that are one time dollars and they're not reoccurring dollars. We have to be thoughtful on how we spend it. It needs to be spent on one-time expenses and not reoccurring expenses,” Smith said.

The building was sold on county property last year for $2.2 million. The County Commission and school board must agree on what to do with that money.

“We feel like it's a good time to think about school security in a much different way and try to do some things that we've been intending to do, but we haven't been able to afford,” Smith added.

The school board wants to use the bulk of the money on security cameras. Smith says they will allow school leaders and law enforcement 24 hour access.

“It's quite sophisticated security equipment that we feel like will not only help the day to day operations of the school, but quite frankly when school is not in session,” he said.

An aim to make Hamilton County Schools as safe as possible.

Smith says he will speak with the county mayor next week. The County Commission will have to agree before any plans can be made to move forward.
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