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First job fair to fill 300 new positions in Chattanooga

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  Plastic Omnium Auto Exteriors is building a new facility in Chattanooga. The company will be a supplier to Volkswagen and other auto manufacturers.

The company is looking to fill 300 jobs over the next three years and they need 184 of those positions filled by 2015.

"The turnout has far exceeded our expectations," said Steven Sawyer of HTI Employment Solutions, "I can tell you that. And really the goal here is to find the most qualified candidates to fill those first wave of jobs."

In the long line of hopefuls stands Steve Thomas. He's been waiting 45 minutes for an interview.

"I hope to tell them about my experience, hopefully catch some ears," Thomas said, "I've got my resume, I'll hand it to them, hopefully catch their eye and I'm selected, at least to the next step of the process."
Thomas has been searching for a stable job since he lost his spot at Team 3 Logistics in April.

"I mean just getting stuck in that temp cycle," he said, "There's a lot of temp jobs but not having one that sticks."
He's hoping to bring good news home to his four-year old daughter in time for the holidays

"It's been kind of a whirlwind I've had ups and downs," Thomas said, "And just to get good news about having a steady job would be great for me right now."

The company is looking to fill mostly manufacturing and assembly positions for the new Chattanooga facility.
Plastic Omnium is promising to pay at least $12.45 an hour with benefits.
The type of paycheck many people here rarely get to bring home.

"Places like this you get to make more money," said Ulysses Bradley of Chattanooga, "And people not really stereotyping you for your past history."
Bradley has a past felony conviction, which he says usually means a low-paying job, if anything.
The open positions require a seven year background check but HTI Employment Solutions said a past conviction does not mean an automatic "no".

"It'd make things a lot easier, maybe move forward with my life," Bradley said, "That way I don't have to look back on the past."

In just a matter of minutes, Thomas' first interview finished up.

He left the job fair with a smile, and the lucky number for his next round of interviews.

"She said to go online and further out the application, so put in some more of my info and finish it out," Thomas said, "She said by December 1st they'd be opening up their office and they'd be calling people by then."

The 184 hires from this first job fair will begin training at another facility at the beginning of the year.
The Chattanooga facility is expected to open in July 2015.

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