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New Hope For Those Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

Lung cancer screenings

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Darlene Taylor had been a smoker for most of her life.
Darlene Taylor, Former Smoker says "It's just an addiction, that's all."
An  addiction that she knew was dangerous, but up until a year ago just couldn't kick the habit.  
 After giving up smoking, Darlene thought she was doing just fine, but knowing her history, her doctor made a suggestion that most likely saved her life.
Darlene Taylor says "My doctor suggested this is a new, do you mind having it done. I said no. 2 weeks later I had it done."
Darlene's doctor recommended a lung cancer screening,  and she's very thankful he did.
Darlene Taylor says "Two days later they called me and said we found a spot on your lung.  Yeah it's very scary."
Dr. Trey Carr, Parkridge Medical Center  says "This is really the first and best tool we have in screening for lung cancer."  
This screening is designed for patients who have smoked for at least 30 years, a pack or more a day, and are 55 or older.
 Doctors say this technology allows them to pick up lung cancer in it's infancy.
Dr. Dan Harnsberger, Parkridge Medical Center says "Lung cancer frequently presented with large mass in the chest .  We're seeing more and more cases where we are talking about small nodules that measure less than 3/8 of an inch."
And it's that early detection that is making a difference for patients like Darlene.
Dr. Trey Carr says "We're fortunate to have found it early because it means  the patients have the most options in terms of their treatment.
Darlene had surgery and a lobe removed from her right lung. Today she is cancer free.

Darlene Taylor says "Everyday I am just amazed  it happened the way it did. I'm sure there was a reason for it and I'm happy I was the lucky person."


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