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One year later, no answers in the case of a missing Hamilton County man

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The daughter of a missing Hamilton County man is determined to keep his case from going cold. It has been a year since 58-year-old Jim Blackwell vanished from his Apison home.

Angela Moore says there is not a day that goes by she does not think about what may have happened to her father, Jim Blackwell. Some of the evidence in his case suggests Blackwell may have disappeared on his own. But a year later, Moore says there is no way that happened.

"It's with me every day. It's something that I think about everyday. The not knowing is the worst," says Angela Moore.

On November 18th, 2013 Angela Moore's father, Jim Blackwell, disappeared.

"It's still an open, active investigation. But they will not pursue anything unless we provide leads and I have no leads to provide," says Moore.

The day of his disappearance blackwell visited a bank in Collegedale.

"He went to the bank, made a deposit. We have a picture of that on video."

Later that day, a neighbor saw Blackwell walking down Clonts Road near his Apison home.

"That evening, his truck was found in his driveway with a note, his cell phone, his keys in the truck. And he just vanished," says Moore.

The note had a short message that investigators believe was tied to an argument he had with his girlfriend. It implied that he may have left on purpose.

"Going somewhere to try to get out of a situation or walk away to cool off? Okay, I understand for a little while but a year later? And there's still nothing? That's just not normal," says Moore.

Shortly after Blackwell disappeared, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office called in a search team. Cadaver dogs were also brought in by a national group that helps with missing person cases. Both searches yielded nothing.

"He walked away with nothing. No cards have been used. No social security number has been used. Nothing. He has absolutely vanished."I fear the worst. I really do," says Moore.

She says her only hope is to "just to find closure. And know what really happened to him."

Investigators say no persons of interest have been tied to Blackwell's case because there is no evidence of any foul play.

Moore urges anyone, no matter how small the tip, to come forward with info. 
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