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Dalton man shares story of being beaten, stabbed by gang of men

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DALTON, GA (WRCB) - Dalton Police are investigating the brutal beating and stabbing of a man on his way home from work.

The victim survived Friday's attack, but has serious injuries. He says he won't feel safe, until his attackers are caught.

For 15 years, a Dalton man has taken this shortcut to walk home after a long day's work as a restaurant cook. Police say he was with a co worker last week, when a white Ford Windstar Van driving the wrong way down Glenwood Drive stopped.

The victim too afraid to be identified tells Channel 3, 5-men jumped out demanding money, 3 attacked him when he said he didn't have any.

"I tried to go but the other guy pulled me on the floor. They pushed me and they punched me in my face," said the victim.

Police say the men then beat him to the ground with a bat, while stabbing him at least 3 times. They took his co worker's wallet, then his.

"This is certainly out of ordinary not just for this neighborhood but for the city of Dalton and that is why it is so alarming," said Bruce Frazier, Public Relations Specialist, Dalton Police Dept.

The victim says the the blade cut into his lower back, abdomen and completely through his right bicep. He doesn't have health insurance and doctors say it will most likely take surgery before he can lift anything above 10 pounds with out pain. He says his family of four, including one disabled son depend on his paycheck.

"I feel bad because I have kids, the little boy he can't walk." When asked what he plans to do next, he said "I don't know wait to go back to work again."

Police say the men got away with a two wallets and 20 dollars.

This could have been a lot worse and we definitely need to get these individuals into custody before something worse does happen," said Frazier.

A witness who saw the attack told police a woman was driving the white van used in the crime. The suspects are only described as 5 hispanic men wearing dark clothing. The victim tells us he was able to see that one of the masked men had some sort of facial tattoo. If you know any information that could help investigators call Dalton Police.
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