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Serious Rollover Crash on Hwy 27

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Monday morning's commute through downtown Chattanooga was anything but easy. For two hours, drivers were either at a stand still or faced with re-routing their destination as officers blocked off several downtown ramps preventing traffic from getting onto Highway 27.

"Well as for the interstate goes, it's pretty hectic," said driver Mamie Foy.

Police shut down both Northbound lanes on Hwy 27 including several downtown interstate on-ramps after a tractor trailer merging onto U.S. 27 hit a car in the middle lane.

"He thought he had just bumped something, he wasn't sure what it was he looked around and the next think he knows a car is turned sideways directly in front of him," said Sgt. Justin Kilgore, Chattanooga Police Dept.

Police say that car then went off the embankment and flipped over onto its top. Moments later, in a chain reaction officers on the scene say another car crashed. One vehicle hit the concrete barriers with such force it sent huge chunks of concrete onto street below the overpass. Crews had to shut down lanes on 20Th street to clean up the damage.

"Just scary you know they just need to slow down," said Foy.

Officers say all of the drivers involved are very lucky, there were no serious injuries...

"It can happen in the blink of an eye, too much speeding you know if the speed limit says 65 they're going 60 and 90," said Foy.

Chattanooga police say our city has seen 25 deaths on the road this year alone. To put it into perspective Chattanooga Police said their investigating the same number of total homicides for the year. In addition, more than 13-hundred crashes where the victim needed emergency assistance.

"If we would take that time to pay attention when were changing lanes, looking ahead breaking distance our speed between your car and one in front of us we would avoid a lot of our crashes," said Sgt. Kilgore.

The driver of the over turned car was taken to an area hospital with a head and leg injury but is expected to be okay.

The driver of the truck was cited for making an improper lane change. T-dot officials say bridge repair crews will be needed to fix the damage done to the interstate barrier.

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