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Winter home and auto check list

Home and auto repair shops preparing for winter customers

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The phones are ringing at local home and auto repair shop thanks to the unseasonably cold temperatures. Chief Meteorologist Paul Barys says, "we could hit a record this November".

Scenic City Plumbing owner, Jeff Logan offered some advice he says, "could save homeowners a big headache and thousands of dollars' worth in repairs." 

Logan recommends, leaving a small stream of water flowing for 15 minutes to help clear pipes and cover them before winter hits.  

He says, “it's also important to know how and where to turn your water off. If you sense there is a problem, don't leave it unattended for long.   A small and cheap repair could cost thousands down the line.”

Cannon Auto Repair is also keeping busy. They have been hard at work helping customers prepare for the early winter rush by explaining what can happens if they don't.

Steve Cannon recommends, making sure the battery isn't low, have a good set of wipers on, refill the anti-freeze, check the oil, put air in the tires and check for any leaks.   

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