One Chattanooga family is without transportation after their truck was stolen over the weekend.

Samuel Marsh says, his 2004 white Jeep Cherokee was left unattended for less than five minutes in front of his home on Kirby Avenue. 

Marsh wanted to warm the vehicle up before placing his 3 year-old granddaughter in her car seat. 

When he realized it was stolen, Marsh called the Chattanooga Police Department and filled a report. 

Officers went door to door Sunday afternoon asking neighbors if they heard or saw anything, everyone said no.

Marsh says,” my wife said where is the truck? I said it's outside. She was right, it was gone. I wish someone would leave it parked in a lot somewhere or call police and leave an anonymous tip. This is our only means of transportation, I need that back.”

If you have any information about this crime call Chattanooga Police (423) 643-5000