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UPDATE: Chattanooga postal workers rally to save jobs and mail services

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Friday is a national day of action for postal workers across the country. The United States Postal Service is planning to cut mail service next year as part of a downsizing plan to save more than $2 billion.  
Local postal workers are rallying to save their jobs. They held a "Stop Delaying America's Mail" protest at the processing and distribution center on Shallowford Road.

The United States Postal Service is facing cutbacks, consolidations and closures. And in Chattanooga, the workers union estimates that could mean hundreds of jobs here lost and about$5 million taken from the local economy.

The groups, Chattanooga for Workers and the American Postal Workers Union, are teaming up to fight back.

Leaders of the rally are asking people to write to their state legislators and ask them to support legislation that would allow USPS to use money from pension over-payments to keep their business running to the fullest.

82 distribution centers nationwide are slated to close next year, including the post office on Shallowford Road that employs 270 people. 

About 100 protestors were out braving the cold, fighting for their jobs, and speaking against the upcoming Service Standard Change. 

a change to how mail is processed will take effect in January. The post office is doing this to cut costs and create a savings, but postal workers say it will slow down the mail and push customers away. 

The American Postal Worker Union's President Judy Stoecker says a piece of mail sent in Chattanooga, going to Chattanooga could take up to five days to reach its destination. Currently it only takes mail one day to complete that request. 

Postal workers are worried if the Standard Service change takes effect in January, people will be discouraged from using USPS because of slow service. 

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