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Food tossed out of local steakhouse and a friendly Mexican eatery scores near perfect

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Dining out this weekend?

The inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department visited 33 restaurants and found no failing grades to pass along. We do however give you the low score of the week and that's an 82.

Remember, a failing grade in any score lower than a 70.

Today, we put the spotlight on Porter's Steakhouse on Broad Street in downtown Chattanooga.

Inspectors threw out more than 30 pounds of food including bbq pork, eggs, melons and tomatoes. Inspectors tell me the food must be stored in temperature that's 41 degrees or below to not be in violation.

Also, there were chemicals in the kitchen that were not labeled, the walls were filthy in the kitchen and in need of repair. finally, the cooks were touching ready to eat food items with their bare hands. Cooks are allowed to touch uncooked food with their hands.

Once again, Porter's Steakhouse serves up an 82.

The high score of the week is a first for this restaurant. Hats off to Amigo Mexican Restaurant in Red Bank on Dayton Boulevard.

How about throwing a fiesta, with a score of 99!

Remember any complaints about a restaurant, hotel or motel, day care or a place you work out, feel free to email me. I will immediately pass your complaints and concerns to Chief Inspector Jack Falcon who will most likely respond to your email that day.

Enjoy your meal!

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