While Santa's elves are working hard in the shop to get toys ready for all of the good girls and boys, a few other workers are making sure there will be toys under the tree for children with disabilities.

The Signal Center is holding a toy drive this month and the toys they collect will be converted to fit the needs of children without basic motor skills.

"A lot of children have difficulties using a regular toy," said Ezra Reynolds, Assistant Technology Designer. "They may not have the coordination to do this, they may not have fingers, they may not have arms or hands."

And without those motor skills, these toys are nearly impossible for them to enjoy.

“It requires this pinching motion; some children just don't have that," said Reynolds.

Reynolds says many kids suffering with disabilities don't get toys they're able to play with and the ones that are made especially for their disability can be pricey.

The Signal Center hopes by adding a simple switch that every child will have something to play with on Christmas morning.

"If you had one motion in your body you could control, you can play with a toy," said Reynolds.

The switches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making finding the perfect one for every child easy.

They might be able to smack it, or attach it to their wheelchair and tap it with their head,”says Reynolds.

With a few snippets here and stitches there, a new toy is born.

"It's always a good experience to watch kids play with these things because a lot of the times some of these kids have never played with anything," said Reynolds. “They do just kind of light up and have fun with it."

And something as simple as playing with a toy for these kids will be a stepping stone to something greater.

"The more successes they have the more that builds on itself and they realize, well I can do this, so maybe I can do that too," said Reynolds.

The signal center will be collecting toys through the month of November and will be hosting an adaptation workshop on December 6th.

If you'd like more information on what kind of toys they're looking for and how you can help
click here.