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Woman asks why veteran ex-husband isn't paying $20,000 in back child support

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DUNLAP, TN (WRCB) - Not paying child support can land someone in jail. But a Sequatchie County woman wants to know why she's not getting what she's owed.

Prentis Ivey of Dunlap said her ex-husband, who is a veteran, owes her over $20,000 dollars in back payments that are not close to being paid off.

"I want people to know there's nobody that is special enough that they don't have to pay child support," she said.

Ivey's frustration is more than a decade old. For 18 years, she was married to a disabled veteran. They had three kids before getting divorced in 2003. Ivey's children are now adults, but she's still upset that she's not getting what she says she's owed.

"If he lost his job and he couldn't pay his child support, they would jerk him up and put him in jail for it. They ain't making him pay it," she said.

Ivey has a decade worth of records and court papers on file.

She said her ex, who collects thousands of dollars between VA benefits and Social Security each month, is required to pay $147 per month in back payments.

At that rate, the 63-year-old won't live to see the money she says she's owed.

"It looks like a gray area when you're looking at the guidelines," said Chattanooga attorney Robin Flores. "When you look at the term 'pension' or 'retirement', does the pension mean disability pension?"

Flores noted the child support guidelines list factors that calculate someone's gross income. Those include most pension and retirement benefits.

"If there's disability benefits, workers comp benefits or things of that nature, generally those are not excluded," he said.

"I just want the child support so I can help my kids," said Ivey.

Ivey's ex-husband lives out of the viewing area. Attempts to reach him for comment Tuesday were unsuccessful. Anyone going through a similar situation should contact a family attorney.
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