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#TeamAndrew charity 'Honoring the Sacrifice' gets Veteran's Day donations

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It's been a little over a year since the community came together to build US Army veteran Andrew Smith and his wife, Tori, a new home.
Andrew lost both legs after stepping on an IED while serving in Afghanistan in 2012.
Just as his family has been supported throughout their journey, the couple is now finding ways to give back.

The Honoring the Sacrifice foundation was created last year as a gift card campaign.
Andrew and Tori Smith would collect donations and send gift cards back to other wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.
The same place where Andrew spent months recovering and re-learning how to walk.

"We got home and realized that a lot of my other wounded friends up at Walter Reed," Smith said, "And other wounded guys out in San Antonio, they don't have the same support system that we had."
Andrew and Tori Smith started the Honoring the Sacrifice Foundation with a simple goal in mind, to show other wounded soldiers the same kindness they were shown after Andrew's injury.

"Right now, when people approach us we just want to help them," Smith said.
This Veteran's Day Logan's Roadhouse jumped on board. All 234 corporate owned restaurants are donating a portion of all proceeds to their foundation.

"I think it's wonderful that they have these types of programs that can help them," said customer Waneda Sikes, "Because they need it, and they deserve it."
Even if some customers weren't expecting to see the wounded army specialist when they walked in, they were more than happy to stay for a meal.

"Just by chance," said Herb Lea of Chickamauga, "But I don't mind my money being taken for that cause. At all."
And when other service members showed up, there were even more handshakes to go around.

"I served in the Navy, over in the Middle East and I served in the Vietnam era," said US Navy Veteran Leonard Ross.
On a day where Ross is given special thanks for his service, he put his money toward Honoring the Sacrifice.

"We decided to stay here versus going to the other places that it was free for Veterans," Ross said.
Showing he has more in common with Andrew Smith than his service to our country.
"Breaks my heart to see some of the injuries that they're going through," Ross said, "And seemed like a while we wasn't showing any respect, any thanks, for the job that they done."

Logan's Roadhouse released this statement to Channel 3, saying they will be donating around $30,000 to The Honoring the Sacrifice Foundation:

“Logan's Roadhouse is very proud to contribute to the “Honoring the Sacrifice” organization this Veterans Day.  Logan's has a long history of recognizing the personal sacrifices of veterans and their families. This year, Logan's expects to contribute approximately $30,000 to Honoring the Sacrifice to support their important work healing and assisting those who served our country.  More than ever, those who served require organizations and funding to help them resume their lives as we, who they protected, do every day.”

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