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Dog tags come home

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When Mario Gandolfo went for a walk along the Pacific Ocean shoreline in Nome, Alaska on November 4th, he was looking for sea glass, but he found something quite different: A World War II military dog tag washed into his hand.

"I was just kind of taken aback," Gandolfo told 24 Hour News 8 Sunday via Skype.

The dog tag, which is about 70 years old, belonged to an Earl L. Vogelar. It had a Grand Rapids, Michigan address stamped on it.

Gandolfo decided he had to know more about Vogelar and wanted to find his family to give them the ocean-battered piece of metal.

"This was someone's life in World War II," he said.

He posted a picture of the dog tag on Facebook and searched online, but he couldn't find any of Vogelar's family members.

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