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Maryville family's baby announcement video goes viral

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KNOXVILLE, TN (WBIR) - Our NBC News partners at WBIR are reporting that a Maryville family has been surprised to see one of their YouTube videos go viral.

Hilary and Tim Barrett and their daughters, 11-year-old Harleigh and eight-year-old Christina, were blown away to see more than 900,000 views (as of Saturday night) after posting the video less than three weeks ago.

In the video, the parents train their cell phone camera on their two girls, who each open a custom-decorated cookie cake. One read, "Big sister," the other said, "Big sister again."

"What does this mean?" Harleigh asks in the video, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Are you pregnant?" Christina asks.

"It's true!" Hilary joyfully confirms, to the joyous squeals, shrieks and happy tears of her two girls.

YouTube : Viral baby announcement video

"We planned it out," Hilary recalled Saturday afternoon. "Gave them the cookies and video-taped it for family and friends to see it to be a part, since they weren't here, and I just put it up and it has just gone wild. It's been crazy."

The family also surprised Tim's mother in a video they posted to YouTube.

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