More than 1,000 people were walking the Walnut Street Bridge for the 2nd Annual Chattanooga Autism Walk.

The event was to spread awareness of autism and raise money for the Chattanooga autism Center.

Kohli Adams' son, Camden was diagnosed with autism this year.

"It was heartbreaking and you have to go through a time of grief because everyone wants certain things in life for their children and you don't want your child to be different," said Adams.

For their family this walk represents the steps 3-year-old Camden has made in growth.

"He's so intelligent, he recognizes shapes and patterns, he counts from ten backwards," said Adams.

These families aren't walking alone though, their neighborhood deputies are right there with them.

"I know a few people who have autism, they're wonderful people," said Lt.. Robert Starnes. "We're here to support the community and also the children of autism and people who have it."

That support helps families like the Adams' adjust to something new to them.

"We are new in the autism world and we think this is so wonderful and we're so happy to be a part of the awesome community," said Adams.

The Chattanooga Autism Center exceeded their goal and raised more than $65,000.