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Groups unite for marriage equality across Tennessee

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They come from different walks of life, but Friday, they stood united for the same cause.

“The biggest thing we're trying to emphasize is this is not the end,” Tennessee Equality Project Co-Chairperson Kat Cooper said.

Their message: Despite Thursday's ruling upholding Tennessee's ban on same-sex marriages, they will continue to fight for equality.

Groups met in cities throughout the state to spread the same message.  

“Anytime in the past when there's been change, there's always been opposition. There's no difference here now with that,” Cooper added.

“If we just give up, then nothing is going to change,” Tennessee Equality Project Co-Chairperson Marcus Ellsworth added.

Ellsworth believes Thursday's ruling is still a step forward.

“Even though the ruling wasn't in our favor, we still had one judge who dissented and she gave an amazing statement in her dissention and I believe 10 years ago, we wouldn't have even had that,” he said.

With hopes that one day, all couples will stand equal.

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