Parents in one Chattanooga neighborhood are concerned after a recent incident at a bus stop. Police say a man showed a pornographic video before exposing himself in front of two kids who were waiting for the school bus.

The incident happened on Boyce Street earlier this week. Police say the man drove up to the bus stop, showed a pornographic video to the children, then exposed himself before driving away.

"There was a man out there showing himself. That's disgusting. He needs to be caught," said resident June Huckabee.

"There's a lot of kids that get off that bus stop," she said.

"The gentleman pulled up in his pickup truck, approached the children, asked them some questions and then apparently proceeded to expose himself to two children that were standing at the bus stop," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Anthony Easter.

Police released a description of the suspect: a white male, 35 to 40 years old, around 5'9" with a beard and long hair. He drives a tan pickup truck with tinted windows.

"We do want to reassure everyone that this is an isolated incident. We haven't had another report of this nature this entire calendar year," Easter said.

But neighbors are still on high alert.

"Anything we see that's strange, or anybody we see that's not part of our neighborhood, we'll make an alert to each other," one neighbor said.

"It terrifies me to death," said Huckabee.

Her nieces and nephews catch the bus there, and she said she won't feel safe until the man is in jail.

"Kids shouldn't be done like that. They're precious. They're god's children. It's wrong. Wrong. They need to find this man and prosecute him quickly," she said.

Police ask anyone with information or who sees a suspicious person or truck that fits the suspect's description should take note of the vehicle's tag number and call 911.