UPDATE: With the help of our viewers and Facebook friends, Channel 3 has tracked down the owner of some missing family photographs featured Friday on Channel 3.

Beverly Bagala was taking a bag of old family photos last week to be enlarged when she dropped them in the Target parking lot on Gunbarrel Road.

Two Good Samaritans passed by the bag, picked it up, and called Channel 3 to help track down the owner. After hundreds of people shared the story on Facebook Friday, one of Bagala's friends called her with the good news.

"I have to say, the people in Chattanooga are very, very thoughtful this way. I really appreciate that. I don't think I've ever seen that any place else. Except here," Bagala said.

Bagala's father kept the photos in his wallet before his death 50 years ago. Her mother died last year and now she once again has possession of the irreplaceable photos.

PREVIOUS STORY: Someone is looking for old family memories that were lost Monday in a Hamilton Place parking lot.

Two shoppers had just left the Target on Gunbarrel Road when they found a bag of old photographs. They reached out to Channel 3 to help someone reconnect with a missing piece of family history.

"Walking through the parking lot and I think at the same time, looked down and saw a package there and picked it up. It was obviously some older pictures there with someone's loved ones," Theresa Brown said.

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Theresa Brown and her friend found a small zip-lock sealed with someone's prized photos in the parking lot. The bag included 11 photos, mostly black and white, from different generations. Brown estimates from the twenties to the sixties.

One photo from 1938 shows a schoolboy at S.E. Shull School in New Jersey. Another from 1966 shows a 7-year-old schoolgirl named Debbie at a Long Beach, California school. A third photo identifies the boy as 15-year-old Paul Bagala, a freshman in 1966 at P.A. High School.

"I've lost a lot and one of the things that made me want to find the owner of these pictures is because I've lost loved ones and their pictures are all I have left of their memories now," she said.

Brown posted the photos to Channel 3's Facebook page this week. She needs your help finding the owner of the irreplaceable bag of treasures that should be shared with generations yet to come.

If you think you know the owner, email reporter Dan Kennedy.