UPDATE: Ooltewah homeowners thought they were hearing cries for help coming from neighborhood kids, they never thought the cries were coming from nearby animals. 

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says, "we received calls from people expressing concern who live near the Flagstone Community." 

Investigators responded and followed the noise to a private property were 15 goats were found slaughtered.

Courtney Tager was one of many who dialed 911 telling the dispatcher screams were coming from a wooded area near her home. 

She now feels fearful after hearing what happened, not once but twice .She says, “it sounded like children screaming. It makes me feel unsafe.  If someone would hurt an animal like that, than they would definitely hurt me. I hope they catch the person responsible”

The HCSO says, goats were killed on the same property last December and again in late October. Nearby home owners say, the way the goats were found is disturbing; roped around the feet, dangling from a tree.

The owner of the goats didn't want to discuss the crime. The HCSO's criminal investigation division is asking for anyone with information to help them solve this crime to call 423- 209 - 8940.

Channel 3 has learned that as many as 15 goats were killed in the incident, which is currently under investigation.

Several goats were intentionally killed by someone on private property near the Flagstone community in Ooltewah according to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

This latest incident marks the second occurrence in less than a year in which farm animals were killed on this property.

Investigators are asking anyone with information concerning these incidents to call the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division at 423-209-8940.