Chattanooga State President Jim Catanzaro faced a two-day vote from the school's faculty after questions surfaced over the hiring of Chief Innovations Officer Lisa Haynes.

Of the 205 votes cast, 135 voted  yes, 40 voted no, 30 faculty members abstained, passing  the referendum of no confidence in president Jim Catanzaro.

The vote of confidence, which can not remove Catanzaro from his role at the school, was described by Dr. Ken Goldsmith, Faculty Senate President as “It's really a vote of confidence or in this instance, no confidence in the president and his stewardship.” 

A statement from Catanzaro released Friday afternoon reads:

"Faculty have spoken.  It is my hope that healing can now be under way, healing that will lead us back to being the college family that worked together over many years to bring to us and to our community national recognition for excellence.  

New opportunities—with TN Promise in the lead—are coming our way.  We need to be positioned to take full advantage of them.  Significant challenges are also before us, not the least of which is finding alternative sources of funding critically needed to improve faculty, staff and adjunct compensation.  

We must also be proactive in responding to the major shifts occurring in American higher education, recognizing that, as the numbers of graduates increase, we must remain certain that they meet and exceed employer expectations.

I believe, as before, Chattanooga State will rise to these challenges, and remain a national leader in community college education."

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The results from the two-day referendum were sent to the Tennessee Board of Regents, where the Chancellor can then make a decision over Cantanzaro's position.

An email sent to the school's faculty outlines a plan to implement new “initiatives to create a more equitable power structure” for the future, with an emphasis on staff input and communication.