Sgt. Jason Smith was wounded in Afghanistan two years ago after he stepped on an IED. He lost both legs below the knee and both arms and hands were badly burned.

Now people from across the country are coming together and putting in work for the 2004 Ringgold high school graduate, and asking you to join them.

The Steps2Hope team is calling on anyone and everyone who wants to help build a home for Sgt. Smith.


They're going to need contractors, sub-contractors, local businesses, and in order to build a house in nine days, they're going to need a lot of volunteers.

"Almost every trade will require more resources than any one company would have," said Steps2Hope founder Mark Wilson.


And the more love you have for a soldier in need, the better.

"More importantly we want the people who say, I don't know anything about a house but I love our soldiers," Wilson said, "And I want to be a part of it, and we want to let everybody know we can find something that anybody can do who has a heart for our young men who give so much for us."


The call for help is already crossing state lines.


A Louisiana firefighter was at the launch party and says he's going to bring about 50 of this firefighter friends from across the country to help build.

"We're just a big family," said firefighter Salvatore Cetrone, "A bunch of overgrown kids."


They heard about "Jason's New Journey" and want to help the wounded veteran.

"You know in the military you give up a lot more than as we do as firemen," Cetrone said, "But we still have a bond because we're all public servants."


And they're not the only ones committing to help in a big way.

"We announced we're going to be providing the flooring for the event," said Alison Childers of Shaw Industries, "That includes all hardwood and tile."

Jason and his wife Lauren watched as the donations started coming in, and Jason was at a loss for words.

"I've never had anything like this happen to me before," Jason said, "And it's awesome."


This, all while preparing for their new baby girl to join the family. Their daughter is due any day now.

"We're very anxious to see baby Lilah I can tell you that," Jason said, "We're nearing the finish line, I can tell you that."

The build will take place this spring, from April 30th through May 9th. To donate, contact the Steps2Hope team, or learn more about the project,