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Food apps for faster service

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The world of fast food is picking up steam as mobile ordering is becoming the growing trend with popular restaurants.

Whether you're driving through, or coming inside, Taco Bell's new app gives you the chance to customize your order from the screen of your 
smart phone, before you ever arrive.

Steven Osinki, marketing professor, "By being able to order in advance, you can curtail the line which is probably one of the most inconvenient 
thing consumers, hungry consumers go through. So I think it's a very useful application."

Useful to attract millennial customers, who marketing professor Steven Osinski says might rather deal with their phone than someone behind the counter.
"Demographically they're targeting the teenage market and the millennial market. Those people are much more app friendly, much more app savvy and much more inclined to utilize the app."

Reporter, "Is it that big of a chore to stand in line to order?"

Osinki, "It's not but a lot of people get irritated cause they have somewhere to go so an app might be a good idea."

In Taco Bell's case, the app is easy enough to use. You select a restaurant and go through the menu, even add or take away ingredients.  
Then pay with your order from a gift card or credit card you have on the account.

It's about all of it, control, convenience, time.

What's the point of ordering if your food is going to get cold? Well this app detects when you're 500 feet away and then asks you if they can start making your order.

Starbucks has had an app for quite some time that gives customers perks and allows them to pay with their smartphone.  Domino's Pizza has an app that tracks every step of preparation after you've ordered.  Even Wendy's has an app with unique features such as sorting menu items based on calorie content.
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