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UPDATE: Athens man known as "Cod-eye" wanted for stealing sick man's vehicle has been captured

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UPDATE:  The man known to Athens Police as Cod Eye" has been caught.  McMinn County officials arrested Robert Thompson, this weekend on theft and burglary charges.


Athens Police need help tracking down a wanted man named "Cod-eye."

The suspect is 54-year-old Robert Thompson of Athens. He's better known as "Cod-eye" because of a mark above his right eye.

"Cod-eye" is not only accused of stealing a car. Police say he took advantage of a friend who needed his help.

"They say that what goes around comes around. But it seems like the people like that seem to always survive, and people like me can't even get by," said Sam Dennis.

It seems like something that happens more often than it should -- being fooled by someone you think you know. Dennis put his trust in a friend, only to get burned in a big way.

"I don't know what to do, you know. I'm lost. I really am," he said.

When Dennis, who has chronic health problems, got sick and needed a ride to the hospital, he asked the man he only knew as "Cod-eye" for help.

"He was taken to the hospital by who he assumed was his friend, Robert Thompson," said Athens Police Detective Josh Rhodes.

According to Rhodes, Robert Thompson a.k.a. "Cod-eye" said he would watch over the home in the meantime.

When Dennis returned, he found his house ransacked. "Cod-eye" was caught in the act and caught off guard.

Unable to face his "so-called friend," "Cod-eye" hopped in Dennis' only vehicle and drove off.

"On that same day, Mr. Thompson took it to Purdy's Auto Salvage and had it crushed," said Rhodes.

The 1994 Ford Explorer WAS salvaged for $468.

Athens Police figured out "Cod-eye" was already wanted for stealing from other people in the county.

"I just want him to know I'm not mad at him. I'm hurt," Dennis said. "I'm hurt more than I am anything. I really thought he was a better person than this. I really did."

But despite feeling betrayed, without a car and not a whole lot of direction, either -- Dennis said he still has faith.

"It'll get better. I don't know how. It will."

If you have any information on the suspect's whereabouts, call Athens Police at (423) 744-2730.
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