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What's next for Amendment 1? Yes and No supporters weigh in

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WRCB - Now that Amendment 1 has been voted on and approved, people who were for and against the amendment say what they expect to see from state lawmakers.

"It was such a close race," said Grace Bush, Yes on One, "And I believe with more information people on the other side will be calm and have dialogue about women's health and women's issues and the informed consent."

The people of Tennessee voted and with 52.6 percent of the the vote, Amendment 1 passed.
Bush, an organizer of the Yes on One campaign, said now it's time for local lawmakers to make their choice.

"I think the elected officials at the state house will have to make a choice," Bush said, "Of whether or not they are pro life."
But those who were pushing voters to vote "no" on Amendment 1 say the fight doesn't end here.

"Just because the government now has more power doesn't mean that the legislators are going to go unchecked," said Danielle Walker, No on One campaign.
The majority of voters in Hamilton county voted no on Amendment 1, giving Walker hope their message will continue to be heard.

"This wasn't just an abortion bill," Walker said, "This was about privacy, this was about women's health, this was about civil rights. So we started a lot of important conversations and they're not going to end now."
But there's one thing both sides seem to agree on, and that's placing priority on educating women who are looking into abortion.

"More than anything I just want them to feel empowered," said Bush, "That they have these choices and they are given to them fully, up front.

"...Continue to let women know about all of their options so they know how to take care of themselves as safely as possible," said Walker.

State lawmakers could present legislation regarding abortion as early as January.
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