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Rogers wins big in Catoosa Co. special election

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FORT OGLETHORPE, GA (WRCB) - In Fort Oglethorpe, Derek Rogers came out on top big time over his challenger Charles Sharrock. 

It didn't take long for poll workers to calculate the results for the special election. 

Thirty minutes after polls closed, we knew that Sharrock would not be returning to his seat on Ft. Oglethorpe City Council, not for this term at least. 

Sharrock only brought in 21% of the vote while Rogers won 78%. 

"I'm really not the loser. The citizens are the loser," Sharrock said. 

Sharrock was trying to win back his seat after being ousted in 2012 when  three women came forward with sexual allegations. 

He appealed the ruling but a Catoosa County judge upheld that decision. 

Some questioned if Sharrock was legally allowed on the ballot but the election superintendent ruled Sharrock was not convicted of any crime. 

"I was fighting everyone down here. I don't feel bad at all because I'm fighting the entire city council and city management as a whole," he added. 

Rogers took over Sharrock's seat after he was ousted. 

Rogers is a married father of one an works as a website designer and says support from the community is overwhelming and believes voters made a statement at the polls. 

"People made a statement and they're proud of the direction we're taking the city," Rogers said. 

Sharrock says he still plans on being active in the city and wants to run in future elections.

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