Ads both in favor and against Amendment 1 have flooded our screens throughout the campaign.

Voters have decided on the  measure that would give state lawmakers more power to regulate and restrict abortions.

It's been a heated debate and supporters of both sides say they voted for what they thought was the right thing.

It's a concern from both sides. Protecting rights, while keeping women healthy and happy.

But these groups have differing opinions on how that should happen.

"I believe the safety of women are at stake," said Grace Bush, Yes on One.  

Grace Bush voted Yes on One. She helps local women after they've had an abortion.

"They were not told or informed a lot on what happens to them so they lives for years and years with regret for not being informed," said Bush.

On the other side of the issue. Aria Taibi voted no and says she's been there for friends who've had abortions.

"I had one friend who was in an abusive relationship and rather than have him have more control over her by having his child, she had to make that very difficult decision," said Aria Taibi, No on One.  

And with this new amendment in place, it now opens the door for lawmakers to write new bills, which expand the rules on abortions in Tennessee. 

Some publicly talked about measures for this amendment include, enacting a waiting period before a woman seeking an abortion could obtain one.

They could also ban abortions past a certain stage of fetal development, and apply abortion restrictions for women who are victims of rape or incest.  

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The latest NBC/Wall Street journal poll shows voters say their number one issue is a tie between Washington Gridlock and the economy.

But in Tennessee, Amendment 1 is taking center stage.

Every street you turn down you're bound to see a signs urging you to vote yes or no on Amendment 1. 

But while many view this as a political debate, some local churches say it's the opposite. 

Dr. Ronnie Mitchell, pastor at Cross Path at East Ridge says while they would never endorse a candidate, they do feel strongly that they should stand up for what they believe is a moral issue and they're encouraging everyone to get out and vote yes on the amendment.

"We think restrictions on abortion is a good thing. We are not denying women's rights. We're just trying to support reasonable steps in the state of TN. Better we think for those who are having abortions," said Dr. Ronnie Mitchell, Cross Path at East Ridge.

But not all religious organizations in the area are singing the same tune. 

Danielle Walker, the community organizer for 'Vote No On One' says they've seen just as much support on their side.

"We have a lot of clergy who back up our efforts to defeat this amendment because they feel this goes way too far and it's way too much government overreach to private decisions including faith," said Danielle Walker, Community Organizer.

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