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Amazon Prime's New Perk: Unlimited Cloud Photo Storage

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NBC News - Amazon has introduced a new benefit for its Prime membership package: Prime Photos. 

This service provides free unlimited photo storage in the Amazon Cloud. Prime Photos accepts uploads from iOS and Android devices, Fire tablets and Fire phones, as well as Mac and Windows computers. 

Amazon boasts secure access to photo collections at any time from any computer. Photos can also be viewed from most devices, including smart TVs and gaming consoles. 

"This time of year in particular, families are capturing thousands of photos of holiday parties, family gatherings and opening presents," said Greg Greeley, Amazon Prime vice president. 

"With free unlimited photo storage, we're providing one more reason for members to use Prime every day. 

Prime has always allowed members to conveniently save time and save money, and now with Prime Photos they can save memories, too." Photos will be added to the Cloud Drive in their original resolution and file type. 

Videos can be uploaded to this service so long as they are smaller than 2 GB and less than 20 minutes long.
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