UPDATE: Channel-3 has obtained an email that Chattanooga State President Dr. Jim Catanzaro sent to faculty in an effort to bring unity to the campus. 

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Questions over Dr. Jim Catanzaro's leadership has led to an important vote this week among faculty at Chattanooga State Community College.

“They didn't feel like they were getting answers to those questions, and that lead to this vote,” Dr. Ken Goldsmith said.

Goldsmith is the Faculty Senate President and says many of those questions surround the hiring of Chief Innovations Officer Lisa Haynes.

“It's really a vote of confidence or in this instance, no confidence in the president and his stewardship,” he said.

Results from the two-day referendum will be sent to the Tennessee Board of Regents where the Chancellor can then make a decision over Cantanzaro's position.

Goldsmith says the vote is not designed to vote Catanzaro out of office, but to send a message.

“We think it's a strong message and that there are some issues here in terms of how the college is being run and the direction of the college,” he added.

Goldsmith says he will have the results from the referendum on Friday.

It's unclear what will happen after those votes are counted and sent to the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Channel 3 tried to reach Dr. Cantanzaro for comments, but our attempts were unsuccessful.

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