Minister Mickey Shealy's family are in many community members thoughts and prayers. He leaves behind a wife daughter and two sons. Hundreds showed up to his memorial service held at Christ Church Presbyterian in Dalton Thursday afternoon.  He served at the same congregation as a minister since 2007.

The founder of a local suicide support group wants others who may be experiencing severe depression to know there is help. Jimmy Powell started “Suicide Perspective” after his 27-year old son died 15-years ago.
He says, “no one dealing with depression should ever feel embarrassed to reach out for help. The Chattanooga contact hotline is: (423) 266-8228
the website is

According to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services help is on the way for those battling with severe depression. Two federal grants totaling nearly $5 million dollars was recently awarded, it will go towards helping prevent suicides statewide. Tennessee, New York, New Mexico and Oklahoma are the only four states to receive a federal grant for adult suicide prevention.

Their director of communications says, “The rate of suicides in Tennessee has been steadily increasing since the late 1980s. Suicide is a serious public health problem and a subject people are still very hesitant to talk about. These grant awards will allow us to address this threat and save lives.”

For more information about the statewide suicide prevention funds call their 24/7 REDLINE at 1-800-889-9789.